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Though most well-known for pizza, one of the brilliant things about wood-fired ovens is their versatility -  they can be used for so much more! From our inclusive Facebook group (check out the link at the top of this page) we've seen it all - used to roast rich meats and crisp vegetables, baking soft bread and spiced cinnamon buns, searing juicy steaks and burgers - we’ve even seen a lasagne or two! Residual heat can also be utilised to bake jacket potatoes or simmer a soup. By adjusting the flames, just about anything can be cooked - the only limit is your imagination.

From both our experience and that of our customers, we’ve found they also offer a unique, authentic charm - a splash of character to your commercial trailer or garden party that’s hard to beat. It almost doubles as a decorative piece. Building the fire, tending to roaring flames and eventually sitting back with a glass of red as you watch the crackling embers. Bliss!

Now, let's talk temperature. In most cases, the ideal cooking time for pizza is 90 seconds at 400-425°C. Though we have had customers who have achieved 450+°C in 10 minutes on the hottest days, which is difficult to beat. In truth, at -8°C it can take two hours+ to fire an oven to temp. If you read on you will see that our unbiased testing has been developed for the UK climate, while other continental manufactures can and do assume an average temp of 20-22°C (ah, if only!). We tested our first oven 3 years ago in our factory at -8°C and we have tested as high as 29°C. Our claim, though not as fantastical as others, is honest, real, and outperforms even some of the most expensive alternatives out there.

As well as being 100% British made and a family run business, all of our ovens are produced from 316 Grade Stainless Steel and fully welded by coded welders for longevity. They also come fitted with a door, a flue and a gauge to help build up to the right temperature. However, we do recommend an infrared temperature gun to indicate a more accurate tile or firebrick temperature.  Check out the ‘Wood-Fired Accessories’ category in our shop to add one to your order.

We at Inferno are always happy to answer any questions or give you a tour of the factory. Watch the videos below or head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page for more.

Explore Our Factory With 1 Pizza 2 Many

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How our ovens are made

Watch as 1 Pizza 2 Many explores our production plan and how our pizza ovens are made.

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Follow 1 Pizza 2 Many as they unbox one of our fabulous Vesta ovens!

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Watch as 1 Pizza 2 Many cooks a wood-fired pizza in a Vesta.