The Grillbert COR-TEN Steel Grill



Introducing our new cor-ten grill. The iconic all-purpose outdoor Argentinian style grill, The Grillbert.

Constructed from cor-ten steel to ensure durability and longevity, The Grillbert takes inspiration from the world renowned Argentine style of outdoor asado BBQ cooking (the method in which meats are cooked over an open fire). Cooking your meats over an open fire allows the Maillard reaction to take place, browning your meats and delivering a deliciously intense rich, smoky flavour.

The Grillbert sports a fire bricked hearth to place your burning kiln-dried hardwood (or alternatively, charcoal) with an underfloor insulation layer to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum disfiguration of the frame. The Grillbert also features a drawer for ash removal, a drawer for accessories/utensils and tool hooks on each side for additional utensils, i.e. spatulas, tongs, etc.

The cooking surface of The Grillbert is a food grade Stainless Steel grill, with a removable drip tray to remove any excess oils or fats produced whilst searing your meats. The cooking temperature of the grill can be regulated using the ratchet wheel, with a bearing mechanism for smooth action. Cor-ten body and framework gives a rustic and natural patina finish that will last many years, in fact it has a 100 year life estimate.

The front door panel is a detachable, lift-off panel to help make the cleaning process more accessible and user-friendly, as well as to help increase air intake, should you desire it.

The Grillbert comes complete with an electric rotisserie, perfect for various thoroughly-cooked cuts of meat (prime ribs are a winner every time!).

The Grillbert stand is also made of high strength and weather resistant cor-ten steel to ensure rigidity and stability under prolonged use. Featuring swivel/braked heavy duty castors for added manoeuvrability and a tray for additional storage, such as logs, kindling, etc.

Free Shipping to all Mainland UK Addresses. Collection available on request (please contact us to arrange collection).


Product Dimensions/Specifications (excluding stand):

  • Width – 112cm
  • Length – 98cm
  • Height – 102cm
  • Weight – 165kg