Inferno Shelter 240.


Introducing the new Inferno shelter, ideal for any bbq or outdoor cooking application, it comes as standard with a ‘bar’ panel which allows 3 spaces for wine bottles and also 4 optics for spirits. Also included is a flue adaper that can be screwed into position by removing a blanking plate , of the inferno range of ovens the Vesta, Apollo,Maxi and Vulcan can be used with no modification as can most woodfired ovens with a front facing 5/6 inch flue. The apex of the roof is ventilated so any bbq ,charcoal or woodfired smoke can be drawn through the roof. The panels and shelf are made from 304 grade stainless steel whilst the supports are made from black powder Coated mild steel welded square tube and 3mm aluminium.  The roof flashings are made from black plastic coated zinc coated panels.

This enclosure is made from high quality materials and expertly enginnered with moderen cnc equipment.


Price delivered . lead time 3-4 weeks.