Vulcan Trailer XL (Collection Only)


Original price was: £4,499.99.Current price is: £4,199.99.

Whether you are a novice Pizza Chef or an experienced pizzaiolo – you’ll love our new self-sustained, premium Vulcan Pizza Trailer which has been designed for caterers for events, festivals, food shows, corporate functions; a regular pitch such as a market or a pub – even those who host their own garden parties. Whichever category you fall under, we’re here to help!

  • Light but durable single axle unbraked trailer, can be pushed around with ease and is hardly noticeable when towing.
  • Oven: Vulcan
  • Handwash: Thermal handwashing station included that can be filled with hot water to last throughout the day, no electric needed.
  • Hand towel dispenser.

Technical Information:

  • Load Capacity – 500kg
  • Internal dimensions – 145 x 100 x 32cm
  • Unladen weight – 300k

Self-contained and designed to provide a handwashing facility when standard mains plumbing is impractical to install or impossible to reach, the handwashing station contains a water tank for clean water. This tank is stored internally but can be easily removed and refilled with normal tap water whenever necessary. With setup possible in any location with power, the handwashing station is an incredibly versatile and necessary addition to any location or site where handwashing facilities are needed.


  • Up to 100 washes from a single fill
  • Keeps water at a suitable temperature for approximately over 6 hours when filled with water above 65°c (suitable temperature between 36-56°c – Drops about 5°c per hour at 15°c ambient)
  • Unit has a 19L insulated water container and comes complete with a removable wash bowl
  • Unit is compact and can be easily transported
  • The deluxe stainless steel tap has a lever mechanism
  • Features a 0-100°c temperature gauge
  • Comes complete with two soap dispensers
  • Cost effective; a one off cost with no ongoing fees as no plumbing or power required
  • Built to last from tough HDPE

The items below are included as standard. 

  • Inferno Vulcan Oven
  • Trailer including Thermal Handwashing Station
  • Inferno Log Guard

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