Inferno Konro


A Konro grill, also known as a Konro barbecue or Japanese charcoal grill, is a traditional Japanese cooking appliance specifically designed for grilling meat, seafood, and vegetables while offering a unique grilling experience and a distinctive smoky flavour to the food.

It is characterized by its unique construction and is often used in Japanese cuisine, particularly for yakiniku, which is a style of barbecue where diners grill their own food at the table. The ‘Inferno’ Konro grill is designed to sit on any surface due to the insulated base and ‘stand-off’ feet

Here are some key features and aspects of our Konro grill:

  1. Construction: A Konro grill is typically made from heat-resistant materials such as clay, diatomaceous earth, or ceramic. Some modern versions including our own updated model use’s stainless steel twin wall panels and a clay brick base, an insulated under floor board is used to further insulate the heat. The stainless-steel panels have a ceramic internal insulation with further improves the heat retention inside the box and also reflects and radiates the heat upwards to the grilling area. The Konro a rectangular shape and is shallow in depth.
  2. Charcoal Fuel: Konro grills are designed to use charcoal as the primary heat source. The charcoal is placed in the bottom of the grill and ignited to create high, consistent heat for grilling.
  3. Grilling Surface: The top of the Konro grill features a grill grate – which is made of Stainless Steel with removable cooking ‘slats’ where the food is placed for cooking. Skewers can also be used and a set will be provided with each grilling unit. The grilling surface is set above the charcoal, allowing the heat to rise and cook the food.
  4. Ventilation: The ‘Inferno’ Konro grills have adjustable vents or openings on the sides. These vents allow you to control the airflow and, consequently, the intensity of the heat. Adjusting the vents can help you regulate the cooking temperature. The Inferno Konro also has small airways that allow a trickle of air to be drawn up through the floor which boost the heat and accelerates the heat up time significantly.
  5. Small Size: Konro grills are relatively compact, making them suitable for tabletop use. They are often used in restaurants where diners can grill their food right at their tables. We offer small 2-4 persons, medium 4-8 persons and large 8 -12 persons although all are portable and have carry handles.
  6. Yakiniku Dining: Yakiniku restaurants are popular in Japan and other parts of Asia, where customers select various cuts of meat, seafood, and vegetables, and then grill them on the Konro grill built into their table. This interactive dining experience is social and allows diners to customize their dishes according to their preferences.
  7. Flavour: Cooking on a Konro grill imparts a smoky flavour to the food, thanks to the charcoal used as fuel. This enhances the overall taste and aroma of the dishes.
  8. Easy Cleanup: Konro grills are designed for easy cleaning. Ashes and residue from the charcoal can be removed easily, and the grill grates can be cleaned or replaced as needed. On our Konrol the rear panel is removable assuring that any cleaning is made easy.



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