Inferno are pleased to announce the reintroduction of our offset smokers, and after much fine tuning we have incorporated a unique double skinned body consisting of 2 x 4mm wall thickness used for the body with welded stiffeners to minimise warpage infilled with 50mm of 128kg density insulation on the base and sides, with the results being an improved, consistent and maintained heat retention, The firebox is made from 5mm steel with a layer of 25mm firebricks at the base and on the sides. The door is fitted with a laser cut geared open and closing vent which although aesthetically pleasing it also assists to give optimal and controllable airflow. Baffle plates are supplied making balancing and fine adjustment is a simple task, a water trough is fitted in one of the baffles. Shelves, and trolley complete with heavy duty castors are fitted as standard. Heavy duty chimney which can be used on either end for standard and reverse flow operations, two additional tuscan grills are included to make sure the grill can be converted easily into a two tier cooking platform.

Available in 1200mm x 600mm cook space plus 1000mm x 500mm cook space on second tier  , self colour finish is provided but Heat resistant paint  or canola oil can be applied by the user depending on preference. Both paint and oil is included as well as instructions. 

Inferno grills ‘where Olde style methods of manufacture meet modern day cnc engineering’ 

Price delivered . lead time 3-4 weeks.